Effects of Hard Water on a Home and the Family's Skin

Homeowners often discover they have hard water when they notice a discoloration on their shower wall. By the time the minerals in the water have damaged the shower, they may have already had an impact on a person's skin. Hard water can irritate the skin and may even lead to eczema in children. Fortunately, there are some things a homeowner can do before hard water harms their family. A home water softener guide can help a family choose the option that is right for their home.

Faucet Filters

Installing faucet filters on all of the faucets in the home can be an effective way to reduce the irritation caused by hard water. However, this is a tedious process and it may not be possible to add filters for the washing machine and dishwasher. Because hard water makes it difficult for laundry detergents to dissolve properly, it might damage clothing and linens. Any family with hard water should at least have filters on their shower heads and the sink where they wash dishes by hand. The filters on the faucet and shower attachments need to be changed regularly in order to keep the hard water from touching and irritating skin.

Whole-house Filtration

Instead of only having soft water in certain places, people who install a SofterH2O rather than a faucet filter can have a consistent flow of soft water throughout their home every time they need water. A system like this requires less maintenance, since homeowners won't need to pay attention to the filter and change it regularly. Another benefit of this device is that it will extend the life of other appliances, like the dishwasher and clothes washing machine. Hard water can cause these appliances to break down much faster than normal, costing the family hundreds of dollars in replacement costs unnecessarily. A water softener guide can help ensure a family chooses the softener that will meet their needs best.

Water that contains excessive minerals is bad for skin, clothing and appliances. Many homes have some mineral content in the water but when there is too much, the best solution is to visit softerh2o.com and learn about whole-house filtration systems. People often find that the upfront costs of installing this system will be quickly offset by the savings in lotions, medical treatment and appliance repair. The difference a family sees when they install a water filtration system in their home will depend on the level of minerals in their water. In some cases, it can be dramatic.


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